Hello Lovelies!

Life & Leadership Coach

Like most high achieving people, leadership expert, Kathy Bourque has struggled with self criticism, limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome over the years. Because of this, she knows that it is imperative that we learn how to question our thinking and manage our minds. In her 30 years of working with people, Kathy has incorporated her own quest for knowledge on what makes them tick into coaching and development practices that helps you embrace the leader within to become more productive, effective and successful in your roles. She shares with listeners her premise that leadership is based on the small moment-to-moment decisions and actions that help us connect with others. With that in mind, the only true way to lead, is from within.


Kathy is always exploring ways to step outside her comfort zone in order to listen to her soul. As a member of several Boards of Directors, her involvement as a community leader led her to healthcare. Her current role as Executive Director of the Great Plains Health Care Foundation, is another dot on her journey of self exploration that has expanded across many different industries including restaurant management, business ownership, community development and nonprofit board governance. In 2017, she finished her master’s degree in management and leadership.